How to use foam roll correctly?

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Sore, stiff, tired? We feel it.

Take some time for self-massage. Using it before a workout, before stretching, or just starting the day with a so-called “foam roll” has serious benefits, including relieving muscle pain, correcting muscle imbalance, increasing range of motion, and preventing injuries. The rollers vary in size, hardness and shape. Long rollers provide more space for stability and support, while smaller variants are more compact and comfortable to travel. Soft foam provides a gentler massage than the high-density version. Some of the options include a grid, ribs or other similar surface that helps hard-to-reach problem areas and knots, deep in the muscles.

When squeezing with the roller, spend about a minute on each tight area. Use more or less pressure on the roller so that you feel comfortable. If you find a knot or sensitive area, hold for a while, moving back and forth until you feel relaxed. 10-15 minutes a day is all you need to achieve relief. Come and try it yourself!

Believe me, your body will thank you. Are you ready to roll?