Memorial workout “Base India”

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Dear friends, we would like to invite you to the memorial workout “Base India” which will take place in our gym with an entrance fee of 15lv – 70% from them will go for charity.
The workout is: 5 rounds of 27 pushups followed by 12 pull ups and 30m carry person, all of this is performed with full military tactical equipment or with plate carrier (for women the weight is 6kg, for man the plate carrier is 9kg and it will be provided on site) – there will be CAP of 20min to complete the 5 rounds.
In order to keep all the assigned health prescriptions connected with the Covid-19 we will let only 3 athletes to work together at the same time. Again, in order to follow these prescriptions we will not carry people but either sand bag or a wrestling doll – man 60 – 70kg and women 30kg – 40kg. In order to follow the prescriptions we will give 3min between heats in order to clean, disinfect and set the equipment for the next heat.
Instructions how to register for the event will follow very soon.
In order to keep the prescriptions audience will not be allowed to watch the event in the gym. However, you can watch the entire event live on our Facebook page.
Expect more details and news for the event soon!

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